Disa fotografi të katedrales Notre Dame që tregojnë historinë e saj të rëndësishme

12 Prill, 2024 - 6:00 pm

The Saint-Michel bridge, the Hôtel-Dieu, and the Notre-Dame cathedral before 1857.
Ura Saint Michel dhe katedralja Notre Dame para vitit 1857/ Roger Viollet/ Getty Images
Interior of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame as drawn by Thomas Allom from France Illustrated, 1845.
Interieri i Notre Dame sipas vizatimeve të Thomas Allom, 1845
Notre-Dame Cathedral, France, late 19th or early 20th century. The Gothic Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris was begun in the 12th century. The western facade was built between c1200 and 1225.
Notre Dame në fund të shek. XIX/ Getty Images
The Rose window at the Cathedral.
Dritarja, Notre Dame, Phas/ Getty Images
The exterior of the cathedral is adorned with sculptures illustrating biblical stories, known as the "poor people's book," as, historically, the majority of parishioners could not read. Left: Christian martyr Saint Denis holding his head; Right: Statue of Saint Veronique holding the shroud of Christ
Statujat e katedrales të cilat tregojnë histori të ndryshme biblike.
Joséphine kneels before Napoléon I during his coronation at Notre Dame.
Kurorëzimi i Napoleonit 1807 Jacques-Louis David
The emperor arriving at Notre-Dame from "Book of the Coronation" by Percier and Fontaine.
Nga libri i Percier and Fontaine
American Anti-Aircraft gun positioned close to the Cathedral of Notre-Dame during the Liberation of Paris, 1945.
Gjatë çlirimit të Parisit 1945
U.S. soldiers fill the pews of Notre Dame Cathedral during the GI memorial service for US President Roosevelt on April 16, 1945.
Ushtarë amerikan gjatë shërbimeve memoriale për presidentin Roosvelt, 1945
A photo taken circa Aug. 23, 1944 during World War II shows a flaming vehicle close to the Pont Saint-Michel and Notre Dame Cathedral Notre-Dame as part of the "Battle of Paris" opposing the French Forces of the Interior and remaining Nazi forces, a few days before the Liberation of Paris on Aug. 25, 1944.
Gjatë Luftës së Dytë Botërore
Philippe Petit, a 21-year-old professional tightrope walker, perches 225 feet above the ground, between the two towers of Notre Dame cathedral, Paris, on June 26, 1971, during a stunt which lasted several hours, with police unable to bring him down.
Akrobatiku, Philippe Petit, 1971
A gargoyle on top of the Notre Dame Cathedral in July 1980.
Barbara Alper, Getty Images
Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral with a general view of the Seine river and its surroundings, June 26, 2018.
2018, Ludovic Marin
A photo taken on June 28, 2017 shows the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral, as the monument needs a huge restoration.
Katedralja Notre Dame kërkon fonde për restaurim, Martin Bureau, AFP, Getty Images, 2017
Snow blankets the bank of the River Seine and Notre-Dame Cathedral.
Andia/ Getty Images
Tourists take in the view from the Notre-Dame Cathedral in October 2018.
Frederic Soltan/ Getty Images, 2018
A statue of Saint John is removed from the spire of Notre Dame Cathedral by a crane before restoration work on April 11, 2019.
Zhvendosja e statujes “Saint John” gjatë renovimit, prill 2019, Philippe Wojazer, Reuters
A man watches the landmark Notre-Dame Cathedral, engulfed in flames, in central Paris on April 15, 2019.
Një njeri duke shikuar katedralen në zjarr, 15 prill, 2019, Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt, Getty Images
Smoke and flames rise during a fire at the landmark Notre-Dame Cathedral on the evening of April 15, 2019.
Flakë dhe tym, 15 prill 2019, Ludovic Marin, Getty Images

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